Azure Luxuxy Organza Dress Design No : 1492


Luxury Organza dress by Azure with Organza Shirt and Duppata, Trouser Malai, Inner Malai, The front of dress is fully embroidered, front daman embroidered and back is plain Back Daman, Sleeves, Sleeves Lace, Trouser Lace Embroidered and the Dupatta Embroidered Four Side Borders

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Fabric Details :

  • Shirt Organza
  • Dupatta Organza
  • Trouser Malai
  • Inner Malai

Embroidery :

  • Front Full Heavy Embroidered
  • Front Daman Embroidered
  • Back Plain
  • Back Daman Embroidered
  • Sleeves Embroidered
  • Sleeves Lace Embroidered
  • Trouser Lace Embroidered
  • Dupatta Embroidered Four Side Borders
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