Hania Amir Design Maxi No EF: 1122


A Beautiful Class of Maxi in Chiffon by Hania Amir, Semi Pure Chiffon and Dupatta with Malai Trouser, The Front and Back Body is heavy Embroidered, Neck Embroidered, Front and Back Ghaira is Heavy Embroidered. It is a fine class Chiffon Maxy and any woman Deserve it.

Fabric :

  • Semi Pure Chiffon Maxy and Dupatta
  • Trouser Malai

Embroidery :

  • Front Body Heavy Embroidered
  • Back Body Heavy Embroidered
  • Neck Embroidered
  • Front Ghaira Heavy Embroidered
  • Back Ghaira Heavy Embroidered
  • Sleeves Embroidered
  • Dupatta Embroidered With Borders
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